Qurbani Foundation Mission Statement

The Qurbani Foundation Mission statement helps us stay true to our calling as we serve to alleviate the poverty and suffering of the world’s poorest people.

“To be at the forefront in delivering relief from poverty, sickness and the provision of education worldwide. To provide an ethical service for the collection & distribution of funds in an effective, efficient, transparent and wholly accountable manner.”

Our Mission and Vision are governed by five basic principles


Who ever come’s to Qurbani Foundation in crisis. Immediately and without question, we meet their basic human needs – a nourishing meal, clean clothes, medical attention, and a safe place away from the dangers of the street.

Fundamental Rights

At Qurbani Foundation, we believe that everyone, irrespective of race, colour or faith has the fundamental right to a life of dignity, free of poverty and oppression.


Lying, cheating, and stealing are common survival tools on the street. At Qurbani Foundation, we believe that by working directly with poor communities we can bring about positive changes from within those communities.


Qurbani Foundation believe that poverty can and must be eradicated, as it exists primarily due to the unjust distribution of resources.

Qurbani Foundation makes sure all these people suffering from poverty have a place to live, meal to eat and the stability and structure necessary to build a positive future.


At Qurbani Foundation, we believe that literacy, education and job-skills training are fundamental to the development of needy communities and are the most effective tool for empowering the poor to break out of poverty.