Ramadan Sehar/Iftar

At Qurbani Foundation, we focus on providing food and nutrition aid to families and communities around the world. Our core work takes on a number of different approaches when it comes to dealing with hunger and its consequences. This can range from providing short-term emergency relief following a famine to setting up long-term food projects to keep communities self-sufficient for generations. Your continuous donations towards our food projects leave an impact long after a single meal has been enjoyed. When communities have a healthy supply of food, children are able to concentrate in class, adults are able to work and earn a living- and most importantly, everybody is safe from the danger of malnutrition and ill health. You are one step closer to doing a good deed. Please look below to find the list of countries where Qurbani Foundation will be distributing Ramadan Iftar Food Baskets, along with the costs involved. In addition to Iftar Food Baskets, You have the option to make an additional Ramadan donation toward the same campaign.