Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is claimed to be the largest humanitarian crisis after World War II. More than 5 million people have fled their homes — loosing their identities, of which most of them are children.

Where will these people go? What will they do? How will these children survive? What will be their future? What about the dark things these little children have seen so early in their life?

What is the Present State of Syrian Refugee Camps?

  • There isn’t enough food to feed the people, so sometimes even expired food is distributed.
  • There isn’t enough space to accommodate an unprecedented influx of refugees so people sleep in shared tents.
  • There isn’t enough supply of medication and educational resources. This means even simple medical conditions can’t be solved and children don’t go to schools.
  • Most of the children have lost their parents. They are deeply traumatised. They haven’t gone to school in years.