Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Saturday,2009-12-05 14:28

The massive earthquake that struck the Caribbean island of Haiti has left around 200,000 people dead and many more seriously injured.

Yemen Emergency Appeal

Thursday,2009-12-03 02:37

“Allah’s creation is our problem! It’s not for someone else to fix or for others to worry about – we are all individually responsible for our actions.

Denan Crises Appeal

Thursday,2009-12-03 02:35

Refugee families leave their homes to walk for days to reach food & water

Sumatra, Indonesia Earthquake Appeal

Thursday,2009-12-03 02:32

we’ve launched an urgent appeal for Indonesia earthquake victims.

Ramadan food shortages Appeal

Friday,2009-11-27 15:34

Eight-year-old Shahzad left his home in Charain in Buner District five months