Emergency Relief

Disaster can strike at any time. Without warning, an entire community, town, or nation can be devastated by natural or man-made disasters.

In the developing world however, the aftermaths of cyclones, earthquakes and other calamities are made much, much worse because of existing poverty. Without the safety net of insurance, savings and accessible transport, people are left helpless with nothing to fall back on with disaster strikes.

There’s a direct connection between your donations and our ability to get to the scene of a disaster and begin relief work immediately.

An immediate response requires immediate expenditure on the ground – this is only made possible through regular contributions to the emergency relief fund. It means that we can buy aid supplies ahead of time, making disaster relief more prompt and effective.

Even a few dollar each month go a long way in saving lives. Like most charities, Qurbani Foundation doesn’t hold large reserves and without replenishment these will soon diminish. Only when we know that we have a capacity to make a difference in the area, we launch an emergency appeal.

Qurbani Foundation’s Emergency Relief program acts to alleviate the immediate needs of those who have been overwhelmed by catastrophe with the distribution of:  Food packages, Medicine, Hygiene packages, Temporary shelter.