The first word revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was Iqra meaning “Read!”

Millions of children across the developing world are not in school and thousands more may never have the chance to attend. This has a serious impact on their future, as education can break the cycle of poverty, leading to more opportunities for them and their families.

Qurbani Foundation works directly with communities to ensure our education programmes are relevant to their needs. Projects are aimed at both adults and children and include building and equipping schools, holding literacy classes and teacher training.

The dark blue shaded countries in this map represent 50% or higher illiteracy rates; unfortunately many of these countries are Muslim dominated regions; Pakistan has one of the highest illiteracy rates. Illiteracy is their plight and Hidaya’s foremost challenge. Hidaya Foundation strives to focus on Educational programs as its highest priority since we strongly believe that most social ills are a direct result of lack of education.

Qurbani Foundation’s Education projects

  • Disaster Preparedness Team


    104 Funders

  • Education and Training


    141 Funders

  • Female Education Dropout Prevention


    29 Funders

  • Preventive Health Care Education


    112 Funders

  • Support a School


    122 Funders