Preventive Health Care Education

Brochures are published in developing countries to help inform and educate the poor about the causes, prevention and cure of common and contagious diseases

The key to cost-effective health care management is prevention, which can only be accomplished through health care education. In rural areas, diseases are
rampant due to lack of hygiene and proper education or understanding of common diseases.

Qurbani Foundation has developed simple and easy-to-understand informational brochures in local languages on diseases such as Hepatitis, Tuberculosis,
Scabies, Ringworm, Diabetes etc.

Information in the brochures has been taken from Allopathic medicine as well as alternative medicines, such as Homeopathic and Prophetic medicine. Information
in these brochures answers questions such as:

•What are the symptoms of these diseases?
•What are the causes for these diseases?
•What steps can be taken to prevent and cure these diseases?
•And more..