Plant a Tree

Grow Trees and your own vegetables: save the environment and live healthy

One person causes about 10 tons of carbon dioxide to be emitted per year. One tree removes about 1 ton of carbon dioxide per year.

The goals of this project are to:

•Plant and successfully grow One Million Trees in ten years (2018 to 2028) worldwide.

•Help the new generation understand the importance and impact of trees in their lives as well as the ecosystem. In turn giving a better life to our future generations.

•Teach poor farmers how to plant appropriate trees so they may benefit from low quality farm lands facing issues such as salinity and lack of water.

Qurbani Foundation gives seedlings at no or minimal cost to students, farmers and communities to encourage tree planting activity. In addition Qurbani Foundation also provides brochures explaining the benefits of trees and instructions how to successfully grow them.

For each school and community, a team lead and back-up member is appointed; he/she is responsible for implementing and coordinating the project successfully, monitor, and report on the survival rate of trees every month. This process allows Qurbani Foundation to gain a good understanding of the issues and critical success factors so appropriate improvements can be made during next planting season.

Vegetables for Healthy Living:

In Pakistan, Qurbani Foundation is also distributing seeds of vegetables to students at no cost, including:

* Opo/Kadoo/Lauki (Gourd)

* Zucchini/Toori/Turai

* Cucumber/Kheera/Kaakri

These seeds are offered to students interested in growing their own vegetables at almost no cost. These vegetables typically grow as vines that spread over roof tops and walls requiring no extra open space.