Health/Medical Assistance

Provide assistance for doctor visits, lab tests, surgeries and medicines to poor patients

In developing nations, it is not un-common to have an unemployment rate of 50% or higher. Those who are fortunate enough to hold a job, depending on their profession and experience, typically earn between $50 to $200 per month. The head of household often supports a family of five to seven members as well as parents, and sometimes siblings.

These severe economic circumstances result in less attention to personal hygiene in the family. This creates various medical problems. The problems are often ignored and can develop severe, long-term health related issues. Furthermore, school going children catch various diseases, but treatment is often neglected.

It is difficult to support each and every medical case. Hence Qurbani Foundation has given priority to patients with contagious diseases to protect their families and community at large from catching these diseases.
Qurbani Foundation supports patients suffering from contagious diseases as well as others and provides them access to doctors, lab tests, medicines and follow-up visits. In addition, assistance is give to patients who need surgeries in the localities where