Islamic Services

Service to humanity is serve to Allah *God

Most of us have been blessed with basic needs of life, whereas poverty is the biggest challenge of developing countries. More than two thirds of the population lives below the poverty line. Majority of the populations do not have the basic amenities of life such as food, clothing and shelter.

Qurbani Foundation serves the poorest of poor in the economically depressed areas of such countries.

Following are the programs we implement to achieve this end:

Aqiqah Service

Aqiqah is an act of showing gratitude to the Creator for His blessings of children.
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Qurbani Service

Qurbani Foundation has been carrying out qurbanis on behalf of the Muslim community for 11 years.
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Ramadan Food Aid

At Qurbani Foundation, we focus on providing food and nutrition aid to families and communities around the world
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Sadaqah Service

Qurbani Foundation distributes Sadaqah among people in extreme poverty. It is distributed in the form of cash or based on other needs of the people such as dry food products, cooked food…
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Qurbani Foundation collects and distributes Zakat donations per Shariah (Islamic Law) guidelines as mentioned in Chapter 9: Verse 60 in Al Quran
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